Hollywood is full of comebacks. It's part of the lore and legend of the film business. The oft-told story of the "has-been" who re-emerges from the murky depths of obscurity is a staple of popular culture and fodder for lots of press. One of the most resonant comebacks of the 90's was John Travolta who regained his status as a 'cool' bankable  star after Tarantino cast him in Pulp Fiction. In the past, many once powerful actors who disappeared from the public eye had nowhere to go but into film purgatory where they wandered reflecting on their glory days. Now, television offers a haven for these thespians who still have the talent and/or the cachet to draw audiences who are searching for something intriguing or fun to watch at home.

Comebacks are great. They give us hope and fill our need to imagine that life is full of endless possibilities - or at least second chances. One of the most notable Comeback Kings of the moment is Wes Bentley, whose meteoric rise after he was cast in American Beauty is chronicled in our documentary, My Big Break.  One look at Bentley's Imdb page demonstrates that his second break is nearly as astonishing as his first one. Bentley has talked openly about his regrets, his struggle with substance abuse, and the lessons he's learned along the way. Now that he's been been cast in Interstellar  directed by Christopher Nolan and will also be part of HBO's new series Open, Bentley has the chance to reclaim the potential everyone saw in his iconic performance as Ricky Fitts.

But, for all of those actors out there who are just starting out, or who just got their Big Break, it's important to remember one very important truth: hardly anyone who has fallen into the darkness of the Hollywood depths gets a chance at a comeback like Bentley's. He was lucky to survive his terrible years of confusion and substance abuse. So many other talented actors, like Heath Ledger, Brad Renfro, River Phoenix and most recently, Cory Monteith, were not so fortunate.

Actors, keep in mind that the vicissitudes of fame are hard enough without creating destruction and havoc in your body. By staying clean, sober and totally dedicated to your work, your loved ones and your life itself, you can most skillfully ride the inevitable ups and downs that come with the creative path you've chosen.
Wes Bentley in 'My Big Break'

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