A Terrible Choice And An Epic Big Break

I've noticed that a lot of actors I've met, especially younger actors, aren't familiar with work that isn't contemporary and popular - so I'm going to share scenes from some of the world's greatest films that include stellar work from actors both known and not so well known. Study the best and enjoy!

In this clip from Sophie's ChoiceMeryl Streep gives a performance so riveting and painful that she could only do it once. And watch the masterful German actor Karlheinz Hackl as the Nazi guard. I picked this scene because it's some of Streep's best work - and that's saying a lot -  but also because I've rarely seen a performance more unforgettable and fully realized than the one Hackl gives here.

The Magnificent Film, Lawrence Of Arabia. If you haven't seen it you should. Even if it's not "your kind of movie", as an actor you should be familiar with films that are considered epic classics of Hollywood.  After all, It won 7 Oscars. As for big breaks - this was one of the Biggest. Peter O'Toole made a magnificent screen debut here and has never stopped working since. His character, T.E. Lawrence, has just been through a huge battle, trekked a never-ending desert, lost his beloved friend and is faced with the scorn and prejudice of his fellow British officers when he shows up in Arabian garb with a his young Arabian friend- who would usually only be allowed into the club as a servant.


  1. I hope you will continue blogging. I found everything here so far very interesting. Plus, many reminders of some great films I have seen over the years.

  2. I love your Blog keep it up. Open my eyes to many misconceptions I had and a it was a great insight into many movies that went accross my screen as just another good movie.

    Essam El Afifi